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GT: Kuropi S. by qwoptime GT: Kuropi S. by qwoptime
Name: Kuropi Sanrio
Age: 16
Gender: F
Height: 157CM
Weight: 49KG
Nationality: Japanese
Year: Junior

Alias: Arquus
Element: Earth
Weapon: Solis - Compound Bow
Level: 1
Stats: STR - 13 / SPD - 10 / VIT - 9 / DEF - 9 / INTEL - 8 / LCK - 11
- Solstice Scopum // A typical bow and arrow attack. Arrow is summoned from the glow of bow which allows a minimum damage to target.
- Meteoron Nubila // Meteor Shower. A critical attack that can only be used once when she enters the Otherworld. It allows series of arrows to be shot at the the opponent. It also permits the wielder of the bow to aim wherever she wants. (Affects strength and speed of wielder by 60%)

Prideful / Overprotective / Egotistic / Adamant / Jaunty / Extrovert / Daydreamer

When it comes to her family name and image, she highly respects herself and what she does--that causes her to be egotistical and make her seem overconfident whenever she's set on a decision. But Kuropi also has the tendency inflexible when it comes to her choices, but once she knows what she wants then she's determined that her choices are the good ones. When she forms new relationships, Kuropi can be quite possessive and overprotective of her friends. Kuropi enjoys going out-- sometimes with her friends but most of the times, she wanders around places by herself but she's not afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger. She also dreams of the impossible or big tasks but she never carries it out-- as if she was scared that it would be impossible to fulfill.

+ Braids/Fashion/Clothes/Trends
+ Cloudy days/The covered sun
+ DIY @ home
+ Chicken Accessories
- Probably Boys
- Insects/Nature
- Waking up for school

Kuropi father was originally from Nahariso and met her mother at Yubinami, also known as Kuropi's birthplace. In the beginning of her high school career at Shimagashi, her father and her moved to Nahariso because he wanted her to know what the modernized world was like (she was home schooled by her aunt until HS). When she moved to her new home, Kuropi was inspired by the upbeat atmosphere Nahariso had--and soon enough she had dreamed of big goals she wanted to conqure. The first year of high school was quite brutal for Kuropi as she was in a new atmosphere and crowd-- her fantasies and big goals shrunk as they were ridiculed by her surrounding peers.

But growing up, Kuropi was quite attached to her paternal grandfather and she had looked up to him. He was a simple man who knew the ways of the bow and arrow, and Kuropi was always fascinated by his interest in it. He had always told her that the head that she filled with goals and dreams were not impossible--and that it could be reached if she set it in front of her and carry it out. Just like the way of the bow and arrow, if Kuropi knows what she is aiming at then she can shoot it and achieve it. When she entered her junior of high school, she told herself that the ambitions she had would no longer be looked down upon on and that she'll do whatever it takes to make sure that the goals she had set for herself will be accomplished.

++ She doesn't know much about her mother. Long story, short: her father and mother had an intimate relationship despite him being a student and she being a teacher. 

+ Her grandpa has a small kyudo dojo that is for the family in Shimagashi, she enjoys visiting him and learning bow & arrow lessons from him.
+ Kuropi's father is a CFO of a plush company, he lives quite far apart from her but checks up regularly (so she currently lives with her grandpa).
+ She prefers fish tail braiding, and the only time she lets her hair down is when she's at home.

+ She prefers Hatori over everyone.
+ Strongly dislikes Reiji.
+ Why does Momo call her Kappa, Idk.
+ Hatorei buddies with Yuu kya.
+ Budding friendship with Kazu.
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September 13, 2013
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